Day 9 of 30 days of writing!

Welcome to day 9 of this 30 day writing challenge.  The last 8 days of the challenge and the day before that I will admit I sat down and started writing and getting to my goal of 500 words was no problem at all . Today I feel like that just may be a struggle.

It is Friday and  I sat at work today trying unsuccessfully to stay motivated watching the rain. It was really the longest day in the history of days I’ve had in a while.  I got home and I just wanted to lay down, not really sleep but just rest my body horizontally for just a few undisturbed moments.  I knew if I didn’t get this  writing in today though I probably wouldn’t .  So here I am, putting these words on the screen so I can advance to the next phase of my night… most likely Netflix.

Now the topic for today on the official challenge is to talk about words of wisdom that speaks to me.  I’m a huge fan of words of wisdom. I love to repeat them to people when it seems appropriate and mostly when it isn’t.

I can’t say that there is one particular set of words of wisdom that calls me to more than any other.  They were written and repeated to help people in difficult situations and I tend to remember them when I am in said situations or talk to someone who is.  The truth is that right now I cannot think of any words of wisdome that mean very much to me.  Except of course write your blog post first because once you start being lazy you won’t do it. Now that is the wisest thing I have heard all day.

If you are joining me in the 30 day writing challenge I would love to hear from you!  If you haven’t written today, sit down, and write.

Happy September 1st and Happy Friday!